USB data charger cable voor Sony walkman NWZ MP3 PLAYER

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Sony: NW-A800, NW-A805, NW-A806, NW-A808, NW-A808/S, NW-A820, NW-S603, NW-S605, NW-S703F, NW-S705F, NW-S706F, NW-S715F, NWZ-A726, NWZ-A728, NWZ-A729, NWZ-A815, NWZ-A816, NWZ-A818, NWZ-A820, NWZ-A826, NWZ-A828, NWZ-A828K, NWZ-A829, NWZ-A845, NWZ-E435F, NWZ-E436F, NWZ-E438F, NWZ-E443, NWZ-E443K, NWZ-E444, NWZ-E445, NWZ-S515, NWZ-S516, NWZ-S544, NWZ-S545, NWZ-S615F, NWZ-S616F, NWZ-S618F, NWZ-S636F, NWZ-S638F, NWZ-S639F, NWZ-S710F, NWZ-S716F, NWZ-S718F, NWZ-S736F, NWZ-S738F, NWZ-S739F, NWZ-X1050, NWZ-X1060
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  • New generic USB Data / Charging Cable compatible with Sony S545 / S616 / S544 / E435 / E436 / E438 / E443 / A816
  • Upload and charge your MP3 player through the USB port
  • Unlike the perfect fit cradle, there is no need to remove MP3 player from your protective cases in order to plug into the charging port
  • With this 2 in 1 cable adapter you can charge and transfer music simultaneously
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 40 inches / 3.33 feet
  • Accessory ONLY. Sony MP3 player not included. Compatible with: Sony NWZ-A726 / NWZ-A728 / NWZ-A729 / NWZ-A815 / NWZ-A816 / NWZ-A818 / NWZ-A828 / NWZ-A829 / NWZ-E436 / NWZ-E438 / NWZ-S615 / NWZ-S616 / NWZ-S618 / NWZ-S638 / NWZ-S716 / NWZ-S718 / NWZ-S736 / NWZ-S738